My Maine Mother taught me a lot about birds when I was young so I credit her with my interest in birds and wildlife in general. I learned the ins and outs of photography through classes and practice. I started photographing sports 30 years ago and moved to weddings but always found time for wildlife photography both at our home and in our travels.

The key to wildlife photography, in my opinion, is to learn the habits and habitats of the creatures you intend to capture photos of and to practice GREAT patience. On top of that it is imperative to know/understand your camera equipment and have the best equipment you can afford for the type of animals you are trying to capture. I am now shooting mostly with the Sony a1 and 200-600mm lens. This allows me to get close optically without intruding on the animals' space. Many animals, like the Red Fox and several bird species will become used to your presence and pose for you if you are lucky!